Wild Nacho Tamed

WildnachoShopping at my local supermarket, I came across a Doritos flavor I’d never seen before — Wild White Nacho. Already having an opinion on pre-packaged “nacho cheese flavored” chips, the correct choice would’ve been to walk away. Instead, I was compelled to try this wild new flavor and report my findings to the NCLC (Nacho Cheese Loving Community).

For starters, I think I liked these chips better when they were called “ranch.” And as for being “wild,” they were anything but. I was expecting a chip that would tickle my tastebuds with some zest, or have a little spicy kick and bite back. But alas, I was left with a relatively boring chip that didn’t have any sort of lasting impression.

To read more about this chip, click here.

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This flavor is one of two that Doritos is having the public vote for in a promotion called, “Fight for the Flavor.” The other flavor competing for your vote is Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ. To cast your vote, head over to fftf.doritos.com.

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