Nacho Car Could in Fact Be

Story suggestion by: Dave M. Email us a story.

CarsaleA reader recently sent in this picture. When we first looked at the photo, we wondered why anyone would send a picture of a car for sale. After all, the site is, not Then we noticed that “I’HEART’NACHO” was the vanity plate!

As the story goes, Dave was finishing up a morning round of golf when he spotted this car in the parking lot. Instinctively, he whipped out his cell phone and snapped a picture for us. So if any of our San Jose, California nacho loving readers are in the market for a red BMW, you may want to give (408) 272-7678 a ring. And be sure to tell the owner you found out about the car on!

1 thought on “Nacho Car Could in Fact Be”

  1. I think we should start a fund and raise money for the site to purchase the car. You could ride it to all your events/appearances. Come on. Look at the darn thing– It could not be that much. I’ll throw down a fiver.

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