Nacho Car Could in Fact Be

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CarsaleA reader recently sent in this picture. When we first looked at the photo, we wondered why anyone would send a picture of a car for sale. After all, the site is, not Then we noticed that “I’HEART’NACHO” was the vanity plate!

As the story goes, Dave was finishing up a morning round of golf when he spotted this car in the parking lot. Instinctively, he whipped out his cell phone and snapped a picture for us. So if any of our San Jose, California nacho loving readers are in the market for a red BMW, you may want to give (408) 272-7678 a ring. And be sure to tell the owner you found out about the car on!

What Could Have Made Cinco de Mayo Better?

Nacho_trayIt’s been 10 days since Cindo de Mayo and I can’t help but reflect on that days events.  The day was filled with laughter, beer, friends, and of course, nachos.  But what could I have done better?  What could have enhanced my overall Cinco de Mayo experience?

The answer rests in the Heated Nacho Tray. tempted me to with this powered nacho accessory, yet I still didn’t buy one. 

I must have had a momentary lapse of intelligence.  What could be better than having beer after beer, all the while knowing the my nacho cheese would be kept at a perfectly delicious temperature?

So check it out, the Heated Nacho Tray is a winner in my book and is a must-have accessory for every nacho lover.

Who in the Hell Are These “Nacho Cheese” Guys?

AboutusWe introduced the nacho loving community to the inventor of the Microwaveable Nacho Box, we interviewed the creator of “Nacho Blasters,” and we’re preparing to have a one-on-one with the man behind the song It’s Nacho Love (That I Need).

But who are we?

Some may have learned a bit about us from the Mercury News article, some may have heard our interview on KGO Radio, others may have even met us at the Alice @ 97.3 Cinco de Mayo Broadcast. Now you can learn a little more about the three guys who created You can even sign up for our Twitters where we write about more than just nacho cheese. What a concept!

So hop on over to our new About Us page and learn more… about… us… or something.

We Heart Taco Licking

TacosSarah and No Name from Alice @ 97.3 generously invited us to their Cinco de Mayo (Thizzo de Mayo) broadcast to judge their “Battle of the Bay Taco Licking Contest.” And although nacho cheese wasn’t involved, we graciously accepted the challenge.

The contest consisted of two teams of three: The North Bay vs. The East Bay. It was a hardfought battle, but after all the tongues were tired and all the tacos were licked, the North Bay team was crowned the victors.

Overall, the entire event was great to be part of. Hooman was sporting an shirt, we got to hang out with the morning crew again, and we were able to meet some interesting loyal listeners. Even recently engaged Andrew “The Bachelor” Firestone showed up to drink and be merry!

Click here to see pictures from the event.

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Inside the Mind of a Nacho Cheese Hero

DaneEarlier this month, Dane Boedigheimer of sent us a custom commercial titled “The Nacho Newsreel” that he produced specifically for us. But before The Nacho Newsreel, he created “Nacho Blasters,” a hilarious breakfast cereal commerciall spoof.

We wanted to find out more about this nacho cheese champion and find out what makes him tick and the inspiration behind these notable nacho cheese flicks.

To read the interview, click here.

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JustintvYesterday, thanks to Hooman of Hooman TV fame, we were invited back to the 97.3FM Studio in San Francisco to host another nacho party for the Sarah and No Name Morning Show. While we didn’t get much air time during the visit, it was nice to see the crew again, hang out, eat nachos, and drink beers…at 9 in the morning.

A nice bonus this time, was we were able to meet Justin lives in San Francisco and has recently started documenting his life by wearing a camera on his head 24/7. Even in the bathroom. Even on a date. But that’s not why we like him or find him interesting. We like Justin because he loves nachos!

Click here if you’re interested in seeing some pictures from the nacho extravaganza?

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Fight Over Nachos: Reloaded

GirlsumoWe recently wrote a post about a fight that broke out between two girls at Revere High School over nachos. While police never elaborated on the circumstances, only to disclose that they were both arrested for assault and battery, there have been a few stories written about the scuffle.

One in particular, written by Susie of “Everyone loves a Boston girl,” was particularly interesting since it was from the female perspective. Susie’s post titled, “I too would fight for nachos,” suggests:

“We should create a list of rules from now on? Everyone must agree on the toppings on nachos before entering the restaurant. Always order the larger size. Only take one spoonful of salsa, one spoonful of guacamole, and one spoonful of sour cream. Don’t eat all of the nachos that are smothered and cheese and leave the bare ones.”

Brilliant, Susie. We couldn’t agree with you more. If you think about it, your instruction should really be nacho common sense… but then again, so should mindful one-for-one car merging during traffic. But it only takes one halfwit to stir up roadrage, or in this case, a nacho brawl.

[SOURCE: Everyone loves a Boston girl]

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Emo: Life is Painful, Go Eat Nachos


The word Emo is short for “emotional”. It represents a type of music, personality, and fashion. Typically Emos are very sad and angry. They like to have their hair in front of their face (to hide their tears?). Emos like to wear old and beat up clothes (to conform to non-conformity?). Usually they are very shy and introverted (ashamed of their stupid hair?). Emos also listen to music with themes of confusion, depression, and loneliness (ashamed of their stupid hair?).

So what do Emos do to help hold back the tears and avoid their dark eyeliner from running? No, they don’t use waterproof eyeliner. They EAT NACHOS!

There are two pieces of evidence that help us make this conclusion:

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Ding! Your Nachos are Done (Redux)

DingLast month, we posted a story on a patent for a microwavable nacho box. Shortly after, the inventor, Kim Y. Edomwonyi contacted us. During a quick conversation, we learned that Kim currently lives in the midwest in a small town in the southeastern tip of Iowa. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Kim never intend to stay but it’s “comfortable, with no traffic, less stress, and safer” than the big city.

But what inspired Kim to become an inventor? And furthermore, what was the inspiration behind the microwavable nacho box? We were able to conduct a quick interview with Kim to find out the answers to these questions.

To read the entire interview, click here.

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